About AK IN KK


Nature Field Recording
Hong Kong

AK IN KK is an independent field recording Project based in Hong Kong. It aims at recording and documenting the soundscape of the nature part of Hong Kong, meanwhile, establishing a local sound library of natural ambience for sound designers. The recordings are presented in a sound map and a sound library. The project is non-funded and supported by donations.

The name “AK IN KK” means “I am in Hong Kong”. “AK” is my name, and at the same time represent the field recordist’s presence. The field recordist makes choices of what and where to record in the field adventure. “IN” means the localization where the project locates in Hong Kong. “KK” means Hong Kong, which is the common seen abbreviation from the gird reference coordination system covering the major part of Hong Kong. The two-letter symbol are commonly seen on distance posts and maps up on the hills. In the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) and MGRS (Military Grid Reference System), Hong Kong is covered in the zone 49Q GE, 49Q HE ,50Q JK and 50Q KK, where most of the lands are in 50Q KK.

Nevertheless, the project mainly focuses on the hiking trails in Hong Kong, as this is the local way of people to reach the nature in the condense space of land. Also, the reason behind is – I love hiking!~