About IN & SB

While looking at the recordings in AK IN KK, you may see some filing codes before the title like IN00XX or SB00XX. Today we going into the filing system briefly. In simple words, both IN and SB are somehow the same, they are just some recordings made up hill. Normally, there is a destination for…
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Update – 26 March 2019

Update – 26 March 2019 New Recording: SB0001 Near H015  

About the name – KK

So what is KK in the name AK IN KK? Yes KK means HK, but why? You might find clues from the distance posts up the hills. And it is all about the location of Hong Kong in the MGRS (Military Grid Reference System).   Hong Kong lies on the grid square 49Q GE &…
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Speckled Black Cicada (Gaeana maculata) This is about a conversation on this kind of cicada, and I have enjoyed listening to them surrounding me on 12/3, when I was recording H021. Yet translating every post will be a heavy workload for me, so some posts might not be translated, or be translated later. 關於蟬,我2月20日去港島徑H20標距柱錄音既時候,有一段對話。 好多時行過見到部錄音機,經過既山友都會問係咪拍緊野,果日都唔例外。…
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312 is the date

So 12 Mar is the date we release~~~ Stay tuned!!!


It has been six months since I started the re-do of AK IN KK. I want to record the the natural environment before they are destroyed by human or by the nature itself, after seeing the destruction power of Typhoon Mangkhut on Hong Kong. Then I start go hiking and recording, while researching and creating…
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