Denoised Crow Sample Pack

Denoised Crow Sample Pack


Type:  Denoised Animal sound effects / recordings
Specs: 17 files  • 24 Bit /48 kHz • 8.3MB 
Approx. 1 minutes total

Demo Preview:

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Denoised Crow calls from Hong Kong! All the sound are recorded locally in Hong Kong countrysides. A very handful and easy tool when you need some crows in your music or sound ambience.

Why denoised?

Every field recording have noise, but noise is not what we want for sound effects. Just like a png file with transparent background, a denoised sound effect is always helpful to avoid making your mix messy! Professional sound effect denoised in a professional way!

About the Crows

Large Billed Crows are one of the most common crow found in Hong Kong, especially in the rural area. Their low pitched voice make their sound stands out in the natural orchestra.


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