IN0040B H018

IN0040B H018


The eighteenth distance post in HK Trail, located at the north side of Chi Fu Valley, with a bench nearby. You can listen to varies of bird types as well as the siren from ships for apart.

Recorded on 28-01-2019

IN0001 02:34
Code: IN0040B
English Title: H018
Chinese Title: H018
Recording Date: 1/28/2019
Recording Time: 2:38:00 PM
Recording Location: 22.25995, 114.14276
Grid Reference: KK05536438
Recording Device: Sony PCM-D100
Recording Method: Tripod Recording
Recording Sampling rate/Bit rate: 192kHz 24 bit
Region: Hong Kong Island
Theme: HK Trail
Audio type: Stereo
Files: Mp3 320kbps, Wav 4416, Wav 9624, Wav 19224
File Length: 2:34
Processing Method: Gain, EQ
Species Name: Night Heron (Black-crowned night heron), Eurasian Magpie

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