Specie: Bee

IN0039A H017

The seventeenth distance post in HK Trail, located at the east-west side of Pokfulam Village, with a pavilion nearby. You can listen to different kind of bird songs around. Recorded on 25-01-2019

IN0038A H016

The sixteenth distance post in HK Trail, located at the south of Pokfulam No.2 Service Reservoir. You can listen to varies of bird surrounding in the morning time. Recorded on 21-01-2019

IN0030 Grassland West of Shek Lung Kung Pavillion

A grassland located at the west of Shek Lung Kung Pavillion, with the view of Ting Kau Bridge, and no further information found temporarily. You can hear some clean crow calling and some plane flying over. Recorded on 18-12-2018

IN0020 H004

  The fourth distance post in HK Trail, located next to No. 28 Lugard Road, with a bench and a lookout beside. As there was a construction nearby during recording, the major sound you can hear are construction sound and birds. Recorded on 31-10-2018

IN0017C H002

The Second distance post in HK Trail, located outside 27 Lugard Road, beside the Lugard Road Lookout for the full view of Victoria Harbour. You can hear some birds’ calling like migrating birds Yellow-browed warbler and bee buzzing, moreover, some artificial sound from aeroplanes and police car sirens. Recorded on 24-10-2018

IN0012 High West

High west is the fourth highest mountain, with a height of 493.m, on Hong Kong Island, where sunsets are enjoyed among there facing west. You can listen to the coming and coming hikers on the peak, as well as a bee attracted by the recorder. Recorded on 14-10-2018