Specie: Fork-tailed sunbird

IN0040A H018

The eighteenth distance post in HK Trail, located at the north side of Chi Fu Valley, with a bench nearby. You can listen to varies of bird types as well as the siren from ships for apart. Recorded on 28-01-2019

IN0035A H014

The fourteenth distance post in HK Trail, located near the junction of Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road and Hong Kong Trail Section 1. You can hear different kinds of birds in the forest like Fork-tailed sunbird, Yellow-browed warbler… Recorded on 14-01-2019

IN0034 H013

The thirteenth distance post in HK Trail, located at the south-west side of the Peak. You can hear the running water stream and some morning birds. Recorded on 02-01-2019  

IN0032 H012

The twelfth distance post in HK Trail, located at the east-northeast side of Pokfulam Reservoir. You can listen to a great number of kinds of birds and a light shower. Recorded on 24-12-2018

IN0017B H002

The Second distance post in HK Trail, located outside 27 Lugard Road, beside the Lugard Road Lookout for the full view of Victoria Harbour. You can hear some birds’ calling like migrating birds Yellow-browed warbler and bee buzzing, moreover, some artificial sound from aeroplanes and police car sirens. Recorded on 24-10-2018

IN0002 A point between M105 & M106

(Early stage Recording) Somewhere located in between M105 and M106 of the Maclehose Trail Section 5, right north-northeast of the Wind & Rain Pavilion. Fork-tailed sunbird is identified in the recording. Recorded on 20-03-2016