Tag: Plane

IN0004A A point in the pathway north of H018

(Early stage Recording) Located at a pathway north of H018, where horsing around is allowed.You can hear the species of birds and cicadas together with human construction sound and planes. Recorded on 29-03-2016

IN0003 A rock in between Kowloon Peak and Middle Hill

(Early stage Recording) A Rock north of Kowloon Peak, having the whole Sai Kung as its view. In a pathway without cover, all you can hear in the recording is wind, and some plane above. Recorded on 26-03-2016

IN0002 A point between M105 & M106

(Early stage Recording) Somewhere located in between M105 and M106 of the Maclehose Trail Section 5, right north-northeast of the Wind & Rain Pavilion. Fork-tailed sunbird is identified in the recording. Recorded on 20-03-2016