Tag: Rain

IN0032 H012

The twelfth distance post in HK Trail, located at the east-northeast side of Pokfulam Reservoir. You can listen to a great number of kinds of birds and a light shower. Recorded on 24-12-2018

IN0029 H011

The eleventh distance post in HK Trail, located at the northeast side of Pokfulam Reservoir. In the rain, you can hear the sound of the forest and some artificial elements like planes and cars. Recorded on 07-12-2018  

IN0021 Sze Fong Shan

Sze Fong Shan is the fourth highest peak in Hong Kong with a height of 785m, located at the northeast of Tai Mo Shan. Showing a lots of strange rocks, it is also called the Sei Fong (Square) Stonehenge in Chinese. On the foggy rainy day, you can hear to a continuous cricket sound and…
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