Theme: Peaks

IN0037 Ling Kok Shan

Ling Kok Shan, with a height of 250m, located at the east part of Lamma Island, getting famous of its strange rocks. You can hear different kinds of bird and hawks calls, as well as some plane flying over. Recorded on 18-01-2019

IN0024 Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak is the third highest mountain in Hong Kong, with a height of 896m. It is famous for the stone house nearby and its wide scenery. You can hear the strong wind on a foggy day, and the crows’ calling. Recorded on 08-11-2018

IN0021 Sze Fong Shan

Sze Fong Shan is the fourth highest peak in Hong Kong with a height of 785m, located at the northeast of Tai Mo Shan. Showing a lots of strange rocks, it is also called the Sei Fong (Square) Stonehenge in Chinese. On the foggy rainy day, you can hear to a continuous cricket sound and…
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IN0018 Lantau Peak

Lantau Peak is the second highest peak in Hong Kong, with its height of 934m. Naming as Phoenix in Chinese, many hikers are attracted to climb up the phoenix’s top for sunrises. On a Sunday in Autumn, a lot of people gathered at the Phoenix Peak. Recorded on 28-10-2018

IN0015 Tai Mo Shan

Tai Mo Shan is the highest point in Hong Kong with 957m height, having a sharp peak and steep cliffs around. The mountain has resistant to weathering and erosion as it is formed of volcanic rocks. You can hear nothing but wind on the cloudy windy day. Recorded on 20-10-2018

IN0013 High West

High west is named by its sharp and steep outlook, despite its 50m wide peak. South cliff is a rock climbing hotspot. Viewing the sky above Victoria Harbour, the major route for aeroplanes, you can hear the songs by the giant metallic birds and little nature birds, as well as the construction sound in the…
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IN0012 High West

High west is the fourth highest mountain, with a height of 493.m, on Hong Kong Island, where sunsets are enjoyed among there facing west. You can listen to the coming and coming hikers on the peak, as well as a bee attracted by the recorder. Recorded on 14-10-2018

IN0011 Shun Yeung Fung of Pat Sin Leng

(Early stage Recording) Shun Yeung Fung, with a height of 590m, is the highest peak among Pat sin leng, the eight continuous named by the eight Chinese Immortals. It is named by Lü Dongbin who is the de facto leader of eights. You can hear the sound from construction sites along with some cricket sound…
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IN0007 Ma On Shan

(Early stage Recording) Ma On Shan (Horse saddle peak), is the seventh high mountain in Hong Kong with 702m height. It is distinguished as a saddle with its second peak the Hunch Backs. It is also named as Kei Ling, meaning standing hill, with its straight standing east slope. You can listen to the strong…
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