About IN & SB

About IN & SB

While looking at the recordings in AK IN KK, you may see some filing codes before the title like IN00XX or SB00XX. Today we going into the filing system briefly.

In simple words, both IN and SB are somehow the same, they are just some recordings made up hill.

Normally, there is a destination for me every time going up, as this is a location specific project. Just simply walk and stop there, make some recordings, and return. I am trying not to record at many points on the same day, so as to save energy and preserve more diversity on the recorded materials among days and weather. On the occasion, the recordings made at the target point are labelled as IN, like IN0034 on 2 Jan 2019.

Sometimes if I am impressed by the soundscape of a location apart from the target location, I might stop-by and take a record if I have enough time, so as not to miss the precious opportunity of the nature score. SB means Stop-By, and you may say they are more appreciable as they are taken by choice, like SB0001 on 2 Jan 2019.

At present, only 1 SB sound is uploaded, but there are more, some great recordings are queuing, as a weekly update for a new upload.

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