Longer versions?

Longer versions?

You may find the term “longer verions” when you explore the Sound Library, but what is that?

All the recordings in AK IN KK can be categorised as 2 versions, basic version and longer version, depends on the length of the recording.

Basic versions are free* to download and usually have no more than 3 minutes of time.

Longer versions are uncut continuous version of the basic versions with longer time, their prices depend on the length and sound quality. There is NO Crossfade nor Looping in the longer versions.

*Basic version files are free for mp3 and wav4416 file types only.


Reason behind

Somehow there is difficulties to record continuously without artificial noise, as there are pretty many hikers in Hong Kong everyday. As no editing nor crossfade could be applied to the recording, all I could do is to wait, as if there is no people passing by. With this reason and the cost of managing the website, some unlooped longer versions of recorded are charged to download. You can still download some free recording under 3 minutes.



AK IN KK既錄音可分為2種,基本版本同更長版本,分別在於長度。


更長版本是基本版本的延續,並無經過剪接 (Crossfade) 或循環 (Looping),價格因長度和音質而改變。

*只有mp3 and wav4416 檔案類別的基本版本為免費下載。






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