It has been six months since I started the re-do of AK IN KK.

I want to record the the natural environment before they are destroyed by human or by the nature itself, after seeing the destruction power of Typhoon Mangkhut on Hong Kong. Then I start go hiking and recording, while researching and creating this website at the same time. Luckily I made it, the interface that i want to make of the sound map and sound library.

May you find it similar or not, I asked the creator of nature sound map, and i want the sound library to look like free sound.

It is really tiring while working in freelance and making this project the same time, and the cost of this website grew bigger than I expected, but I think it worth.

For the Hong Kong Trail Theme I usually go hike in day time and work at night in order to save my time, and it occupies about half of the project now.

Identifying birds is really a headache, lots to say on this, maybe later, yet it takes me lots of time and energy but it is not guaranteed correctly.

And this is really far far beyond my imagination, from 1 man band. Yet I have to Thank Jacqueline Ip designing the logo, and friends of mine accompanying me to hike, and my beloved girlfriend’s sacrifice.

I don’t know how far I can reach, Just try my best to fill the map~

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