Reasons behind the project

Reasons behind the project

I didn’t mention much on the reasons behind the project on the About page, today let’s talk about it.

Old times

AK IN KK first established on 2016, as an assignment in the HKAPA, to do something I want.

Started the facebook page of the project after going to Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale, for myself going up the mountains more and recording some nature sound. There was no sound map nor sound library, just a page with google drive and sound cloud.

There were 11 recordings on 2016, and the tripod wasn’t even bought at that time, so many breathing sound were captured (they are now cut as much as I can do now). You may find them in the theme: early stage recordings.

A simple web was created on 2017, with a domain of, but the project was held then.


The redo of the project started from 2018, when Hong Kong was damaged by Typhoon Mangkhut. The idea started there.

Reason 1: There is so less audio recording of the nature in Hong Kong.

Unlike photos, it is very hard to find sound records of the nature part of Hong Kong in the internet. Sound recordings is a record of ecosystem with lives and human culture, I want to make one, especially after visiting nature sound map and radio aporee.

Reason 2: I am afraid of the sudden vanishing

Whatever caused, the nature could be destroyed in a sudden, it might be a typhoon, or some development plans of human, it will be too late to start recording the places when the day comes.

Reason 3: Bring up the options of using local nature sound materials

It was hard to find, and there is less opportunity for designers to use the local sounds for shows and projects. Apart from the big rainforest in Africa, we now have options to use the sound of Hong Kong.


About the price

I will be very delighted if the sounds can be used. But I have to charge for the sound as the cost of the project is unexpectedly high. Despite it, sound and music should not always be free. The pricing system depends on the length of the recordings, but it won’t cost you from 3 minutes. Why 3? 1 minute is too short for a plane to pass by, and maybe you would spend your waiting time for your cup noodles with the nature sound. 🙂




關於AK IN KK果頁,我無乜講個Project既由來,呢篇就講下啦!


AK IN KK第一次出現係2016年,果陣係一個演藝學院既功課Project,要做一D想做既野。

果陣無諗咁遠,去完越後妻有大地藝術節,想逼自己行多D山,投入下大自然。所以買左部錄音機,錄下山上既聲音,搞左一個Facebook Page,無聲音地圖聲音存庫,成件事好簡漏。用既係Google Drive 同Sound Cloud。




直到2018年9月,颱風山竹襲港,其破壞程度唔洗多講,半個9月漁護署叫人唔好行山住。加上果排我好頹,剩係返工無乜做過自己可以有份諗既Project,就起左重做AK IN KK既念頭。


圖片就大把,聲音則少之有少,上網搵點都有少少,但真係好少,或者無一個界面放埋一齊。自己覺得聲音記錄緊既係活生生既生態,同埋人既時代文化,睇到幾個大型既聲音地圖,例如:nature sound map 或者 radio aporee都想自己整返個。








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